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In this video Erin & Sarit, personal trainers and best selling fitness & weight loss authors share the 4 most common hurdles women face so you can OVERCOME THEM and start making progress toward your SPECIFIC body goals today:

Erin Attwood - Professional Edutanor, Certified Personal Trainer, Best-Selling Author, and the Creator of ImproveU Solutions

The 8-Week 
Bangin' Body Blueprint"
Custom Nutrition Program


Know exactly how much to eat without counting complicated calories!
No matter what restaurant you go to, you can have confidence that the food scale doesn't need to come with you and you'll still be able to stay on track.


How to make healthy eating last forever!
This cheat sheet will help you learn how to lose weight while still enjoying the food you love. And to not be fooled by the food industry labeling unhealthy foods with “low-fat”, “heart-healthy”, “sugar-free” claims. 


Always have a plan when you go to the grocery store!
Save time, stress less, and avoid bingey snack purchases.
This takes all the guesswork out of your shopping and food-buying experience.


Gain awareness and clarity on what EXACTLY you're doing.
Track to learn what works better for you and what doesn't so you're only doing the things that help you make progress towards your goals!

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BONUS #1 - The Nom Nom Recipe Book
($40 VALUE)

Quick. Simple. Delicious... What more could you want from the food that you're making. Not only that... but the power and freedom of knowing that it's going to help you get closer to your goals. Win Win.

BONUS #2 - Eat Healthy Anywhere Restaurant Guide ($40 VALUE)

Eating out is fun... but sometimes not easy to find healthy options. This guide will help you know exactly what to pick so that you can ENJOY your experience without derailing from your weight loss goals.

BONUS #3 - 6 Pack Sample Meal Plans
($150 VALUE)

2 meal plans: See exactly what Erin & Sarit eat day-to-day along with 2 separate grocery lists to match each meal plan.

BONUS #4 - Weight Loss Mindset Course 
($1,800 VALUE)

Overcome stress eating, emotional eating, binge eating, and lack of self-control around food. This is one of our most powerful courses that you can do ON DEMAND and as many times as you feel you need to get the most incredible and LIFE-LONG weight loss results!

BONUS #5 - Facebook Group ($PRICELESS)

You become who you surround yourself with. And our community of like-minded individuals is there to support you, lift you up and keep you accountable every step of the way!

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Here Are Some Of Happy Clients That We've Tested This Strategy On...
Here Are Some Of Happy Clients
That We've Tested This
Strategy On...
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