Inner Circle Weight Loss & Self-Confidence Coaching Program

Lose weight that doesn’t come back & gain confidence that never leaves.

The biggest question you might Have...

 Right Now Is, How Will I Know THIS ONE Will Work…

Our clients come to us having already tried a plethora of other weight loss diets, pills, shakes, juice cleanses, detoxes, and calorie counting programs… just to name a few.

If all you want at the end of the day is to lose the damn weight and feel good about yourself again without all the confusing and conflicting information…

Without feeling like you have to log and track everything…

Eat like a bird…

And suffer from staring at pizza rather than feeling free to eat it for the rest of your life…

Without feeling like you have to focus 100 million percent of your attention on working out, cooking, meal prepping, weighing & measuring food, journaling, and whatever else (god knows, you hardly have time to breathe as it is)...

If you know you can be better than you are and that more doors and opportunities would open for you if you were in better shape, had more energy, and held your head high…

Erin and Sarit meals
  The Inner Circle was made for you!!

Diabetes, heart problems, strokes, PCOS, hypothyroidism, and all of these health conditions that cost you an arm and a leg are not good….

But what’s worse… is a broken heart and soul.

Trust us, honey…

If Humpty Dumpty could be put back together, so can you!
And here’s the ULTIMATE SECRET to being “fixed”...

It’s first understanding that you’re not made of glass and you haven’t shattered (though it may feel like it).

THEN (here’s the best part), all you need is a sliver of hope that you can become whole and happy again.


Leave the rest to us as we guide you step by step (whatever size those steps need to be) exactly how it will work best for YOU!

Not your neighbor.
Not another person in the program.
Not your spouse.
Not your BFF….
Perfect for YOU!

That’s what the
Inner Circle is about.

Guiding you to BECOME the woman that lives inside the body that makes you feel Beyonce-like confidence!!


That’s right… and we need the BEST you.

And YOU need the best you.

And your family & friends need the best you.


How Do We Know?

ERIN (lost 45 lbs)

Erin Attwood

SARIT (lost 40 lbs)



🔺 Low self-esteem/being self-conscious
🔺 Fear of food.
🔺 Multiple failures trying to avoid carbs
🔺 Binge eating in secret
🔺 Feeling tired all the time
🔺 Depression & Anxiety
🔺 Yo-Yo dieting
🔺 Trying to "burn off" the cookies & ice cream
🔺 Feeling unworthy
🔺 Feeling unlovable
🔺 Feeling ugly
🔺 Feeling selfish for taking care of ourselves
🔺 Doing good on a diet for a few days or weeks before reverting back to old habits and feeling even more defeated and hopeless than the time before…

As Seen On

This is your chance to shine
like never before!

But it’s going to cost you!!

And we’re not just talking money.
This conversation is about change, right?

If you want your body to change for good, so do some other things.

And if that scares you, think about continuing to go the direction you have been for the rest of your life…. Which one is scarier? The vicious, sad, downward spiral? Or the effort of changing?

Ok, I’m glad we’re on the same page.

So let’s talk about this program.

When you join the Inner Circle, you don’t just get a program… you get a family that UNDERSTANDS you!

E&S Armey

Look At These Women Just Like You!

45 years old - (lost 87 pounds)

51 years old - (lost 66 pounds)

33 years old - (lost 83 pounds)

52 years old - (lost 70 pounds)

45 years old - (lost 87 pounds)

(47 years old)
- Transformation Coach with E&S

47 years old - (lost 30 pounds)

Are you inspired?

We want to show you these, first, to let you know that YOU’RE NOT ALONE!!
And we want you to believe that YOU GOT THIS!

So what the heck did we have these women do that changed their lives the way you just saw?

Here’s how it goes

Choose Your Coach

We know how extremely important it is to mesh well with the primary person that will soon become one of your BFFs. Because of this, each coach on the team has a bio for you to get to know a little more about them and their coaching style so you can pick the right fit for you!

And don’t worry… if you’re not sure, we can ask some questions and help you.


You will complete your detailed assessment so we know exactly where you’re starting, what your roadblocks have been, what you want to achieve, and what could get in your way.

This will include:

  • Body goals
  • Baseline medical analysis
  • ​Current relationship with food
  • ​Current lifestyle habits
  • ​Athletic performance (if applicable)

Assembling Your Personalized Nutrition Protocol

During the time between completing your assessment and your initial meeting with your coach (step 4), they will thoroughly overview your assessment and put together a tentative & detailed outline (backbone structure, if you will) of what your personalized program will look like.

So you have 100% clarity & and full confidence in your ability to follow through… even on a bad day.

Success Call

A 1-hour, face-to-face meeting with your coach on zoom (recorded for you to reference later if you need to). This is where you and your coach work as a team to fine-tune the details so your program works PERFECTLY for you; your preferences, your schedule, your family, your lifestyle, etc.

  • 100% personalized to you.
  • Simplified & specific action steps
  • ​Proven method that helps you build healthy habits.

Our ultimate goal is to help you find long-term success through building healthy and sustainable habits that create independence and free you from having to buy “the next new thing”.

STEP 4, 5, and beyond will be discussed with you and your coach and will depend on your goals, specific obstacles, and your starting point. These steps are a little different for everyone.

Here are some other resources that we provide in the Inner Circle Coaching Program.

We’re not here to overwhelm you… in fact, your coach will help you choose which of these will be best for you to utilize during different points in your journey.

Access to your coach 6 days per week, Mon-Sat 9:30am-7:30pm est

Access to the IC Private
Facebook Group

Weekly Zoom Coaching Calls 5-7pm est (yes, they are recorded)

Biweekly Questionnaire
(gets sent every other Monday)

Daily intention videos

Food quality guideline 

Access to the ES Army
Fitscription Platform

Nom Nom Recipe ebook

Personalized Nutrition Platform

Still hesitant?

Understandable. These things can be scary…

What’s the one thing stopping you from jumping in RIGHT NOW??

Pick one of the following:








Enroll Now!


3 Months

Or 3 Monthly Payments of $699

  • Best for someone wanting to lose
    between 5-15 pounds and has relatively
    good habits and just wants to increase
    her standard and tighten things up.


6 Months

Or 2 Payments of $1,797.50
Or 6 Monthly Payments of $699

  • Best for someone wanting to lose between 15-35 pounds and struggles being consistent with her nutrition and fitness… especially on the weekends or when out of her normal environment.


9 Months

Or 2 Payments of $3.397.50
Or 3 Payments of $2,265
Or 4 Payments of $1980.75
Or 12 Monthly Payments of $699

  • Best for someone who is wanting
    to lose more than 35 pounds, has
    tried a million other things to lose
    weight, is starting to lose belief in
    herself, and has wanted to lose weight
    for what feels like her entire life.

Not sure which option is the best fit for you? 

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